Personal Water Footprint – Grade 5 & 6

Activity Introduction

The learners will work out their own personal water footprint online and reflect on ways to reduce their water usage.

Grade: 5 & 6

Resources Required: Internet access & worksheets

Key Concepts & Skills: Water Issues

Assessment Task (If Applicable): No

Extra Notes: This is an individual activity

Duration: 30 minutes

Level of teacher facilitation: Low - Moderate

Curriculum links: Life Skills & Mathematics

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Reflect on Lesson


  1. It is easier to use when teaching learners in class. It is highlighted most importance experience on how to use water spanringly. It also gives valuable experience of how to eat balanced diet. It is also make it easier when followed fir learners to underztnd and do that practical at school as well as their respective home. When a child learns the community also learn. Overall i can say the lesson plan is easier to implement and leaners understood what is been taught and do lifelong practical experience.