Production, Consumption & Waste Audit – Grade 1 to 3 – Waste Not Want Not

Activity Introduction

An audit is a technique that through unbiased exploration helps establish the baseline levels of a particular facet of an organisation (your school in this case). Once the baseline has been ascertained, you can move to improve wherever you fall short. To perform an environmental audit, one is required to investigate, measure, analyse and evaluate our environment, in an unbiased way using a resource or activity.

Grade: 1-3

Prior Knowledge: None

Resources Required: Waste audit worksheets, coloured pencils/crayons, clipboards (if available).

Key Concepts & Skills: Waste Production and Management, Investigating, Recording, Interpreting, Creativity, Collaboration.

Assessment Task (If Applicable): No

Extra Notes: Lesson can be conducted indoors/outdoors, depending on dustbin placement.

Duration: 1 Hour

Level of teacher facilitation: Low

Curriculum links: Life Skills - Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being (Recycling).

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