Creative Arts Assessment – Animals in an Ecosystem – Grade 6 Term 1

Activity Introduction

A Life Skills Assessment for Creative Arts (Visual Art) in which learners create 2D and 3D animal models

Grade: 6

Resources Required: See Assessment and Rubrics for resources

Key Concepts & Skills: Remember and understand: Visual Arts elements and principles. Apply and Analyse: Application of elements and principles in 2D and 3D artwork. Continuous critical reflection and application to improve the artwork. Evaluate and create: Creating and presenting the 2D and 3D artwork.

Duration: 4 Lessons over 4 Weeks

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Life Skills, Creative Arts, Formal Assessment Task: Visual Arts – Create in 2D figure animal and create in 3D a figure animal Term 1 Week 1 to 4

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