Geography Climate Regions Assessment – Grade 8 Term 2

Activity Introduction

Formal assessment on Climate regions of South Africa and the world.

Grade: 8

Resources Required: Assessment Printouts for each learner and Memorandum for marking (downloadable below)

Key Concepts & Skills: • Use and draw maps • Identify and extract information from texts, atlases and other sources, including visual sources such as photographs • Work with data and statistics in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams • Cross-reference information using different sources. • Tackling real issues and finding solutions • Use the information to describe, explain and answer questions about people, places and the relationship between the two. • Communicate ideas and information. • Interpretation of data and drawing conclusions

Duration: 2 hours

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Geography Formal Assessment for Term 2 – Climate regions (focus: South Africa and the world)

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