The Life of an Object – Grade 4 – 7

Activity Introduction

The learners will choose an everyday object and trace the raw materials required to make the object. This is a research project so learners will require access to a library or internet. The process is designed to make the learners think about the environmental cost of making everyday items.

Grade: 4-7

Prior Knowledge: None

Resources Required: Waste audit worksheets, coloured pencils/crayons, clipboards (if available).

Key Concepts & Skills: Production; Research

Assessment Task (If Applicable): No

Extra Notes: If there is no access to internet or library, the educator can provide information of a few everyday objects that their learners can choose from. This can be a group or individual project.

Duration: Research: 1 hour, Project work: 1 hour

Level of teacher facilitation: Low - Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science and Technology

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