Life Sciences Ecosystems Project – Grade 10 Term 3

Activity Introduction

This Practical Task focuses on local ecosystem interactions and interdependence within the environment over 6 weeks. The task deals with abiotic and biotic factors and the interactions between them; the trophic relationships in an ecosystem; recording and describing of seasonal changes, the biodiversity within the ecosystem and analysing the positive and/or negative human impact on the Ecosystem.

Grade: 10

Resources Required: Assessment Printouts and Report Marking Rubrics for each learner (downloadable below)

Key Concepts & Skills: • Accessing and recalling information, • Observing, • Measuring, • Sorting and classifying, • Investigating, Recording information, and • Language Skills

Assessment Task (If Applicable): No

Extra Notes: Lesson can be conducted indoors/outdoors, depending on dustbin placement. (Replace me)

Curriculum links: Life Sciences Grade 10 Practical Task – Formal Practical Project Term 3 - Ecosystems

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