LO Animal Welfare Project – Grade 6 Term 3

Activity Introduction

For this assessment, learners will focus on animal welfare. The assessment consists of two sections. For Section A, the learner will design and orally present their own poster on how to care for animals in our neighbourhood. Section B is a group activity. Learners will create a 2-minute role play to emphasise the importance of caring for pets and animals, which they will present to their class.

Grade: 6

Resources Required: Assessment Printouts with Rubrics for each learner (downloadable below)

Key Concepts & Skills: The project will involve collecting, analyzing and/or evaluating data and information that will result in the synthesising of the findings into a written product that will be reported, modelled and presented by the learners.

Extra Notes: This task can be used for a Term 3 formal assessment or for an additional fun activity. Make sure to print only one copy of the first page of the Assessment Printout for your records and then exclude this page when printing copies for your learners.

Duration: 2 Lessons over three weeks

Level of teacher facilitation: Low - Moderate

Curriculum links: Life Orientation – Personal and Social Well-being Grade 6 Project – Formal Assessment Term 3 – Animal Welfare

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