LO Safe Water Case Study – Grade 4 Term 3

Activity Introduction

The case study aims to assess and develop skills outlined in CAPS and create awareness amongst students on the importance of water, how to look after our water resources, and why we should treat water catchments with respect.

Grade: 4

Resources Required: Assessment Printouts and Memorandums for each learner (downloadable below)

Key Concepts & Skills: • Writing short answers to questions • Critical thinking • Investigating a real-world story • Making connections between cause and effect • Systems thinking • Writing and presenting • Identifying and discussing ESD issues, including responsibility to our catchments

Extra Notes: This case study can be integrated as a formal assessment, as outlined in the CAPS document or as an informal assessment to provide learners with an opportunity to develop and master the skills, knowledge and values related to this topic. The case study will enable you, the teacher, to assess whether learners can apply the knowledge, skills and values to an unfamiliar context.

Duration: 1 hour (two consecutive lessons)

Curriculum links: Life Orientation Gr 4 Case study Term 3 – Health and environmental responsibility

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