Marine & Coast Audit – Grade 6 & 7 – W.A.V.E

Activity Introduction

Despite the importance of our oceans to our survival, it is a challenging to develop an audit for Marine and Coast, because only a limited number of schools have direct access to the coastline. Even for the those who live in coastal areas, marine areas are not always easily accessible. The Sustainable Schools team have approached this challenge in the following way. The “audit” serves to ascertain a baseline level of knowledge with regards to coastlines and ocean services. There will then be additional lessons on the various aspects of coastlines and marine areas that can be selected and used by educators to best support the education needs and direction of the school. All grades focus on the same aspects of oceans and coastlines, albeit with varying audit levels to cater for age and ability.

Grade: 6 & 7

Prior Knowledge: None

Resources Required: Marine & Coast worksheets, pens, coloured pencils/crayons

Key Concepts & Skills: Marine & Coast, environmental protection, human impact on the environment.

Assessment Task (If Applicable): No

Extra Notes: -

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, dependent on learner level

Level of teacher facilitation: Low

Curriculum links: Social Sciences (Geography); Natural Sciences and Technology; Natural Sciences (Planet Earth and Beyond)

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