Natural Science Practical Habitat Investigation – Grade 5 Term 1

Activity Introduction

This Practical Task aims to take learners out of the classroom. They need to engage with their environment and be aware of what is happening around them. In this task they need to investigate a 6 metre squared area recording the animals and plants they see and their characteristics. The task also integrates the concepts of biodiversity within ecosystems.

Grade: 5

Resources Required: Assessment Printouts and Rubrics for each learner (downloadable below), 30m of sting or wool, four short sticks, a ruler or tape measure

Key Concepts & Skills: • Accessing & Recalling Information • Interpreting Information • Sorting & Classifying • Planning Investigations • Doing Investigations • Recording Information • Communicating

Extra Notes: The task can be a formal assessment, but learners must work alone. Use the Rubric to assess the learners’ work.

Duration: Two lessons over two weeks (Learners submit the project in week 3)

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Grade 5 Natural Science & Technology Formal Practical Project Term 1 Week 1 to 3 – Plants and animals

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