Natural Science Water Filter Investigation – Grade 6 Term 2

Activity Introduction

This is a Formal Assessment Task where learners investigate how to best purify dirty water through the process of designing and making their own water filtration systems.

Grade: 6

Resources Required: Copies of the assessment and rubrics for each learner. Tip: Print one copy of the first page for your own records then exclude this page when printing copies for your learners.

Key Concepts & Skills: • Drawing and labelling • Working with data • Accessing information • Building a conceptual framework • Recalling facts • Writing summaries • Writing specifications and constraints • Using information in a new way • Recognising the relationship between exciting knowledge and new ideas • Critically evaluating proposed solutions, products and processes

Extra Notes: This Assessment links well with our Fabulous Filtration lesson plans and can be used to check learner understanding after completing the lesson plans

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate - High

Curriculum links: Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 6 Term 2: Matter and Materials – Purification of water

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