Natural Science Wetland Investigation – Grade 6 Term 2

Activity Introduction

For this prepared assessment learners will write a brief report on the importance of wetlands including habitat and biodiversity and water quality.

Grade: 6

Resources Required: Assessment and Rubric for each learner (downloadable below)

Key Concepts & Skills: • Access information • Build a conceptual framework • Recall facts • Describe concepts and processes, mechanisms and theories • Write summaries • Use the information in a new way • Recognise relationships between existing knowledge and new ideas • Critically evaluate proposed solutions, products and processes

Extra Notes: Print one copy of the first page of the Assessment for your own records and then exclude this page when printing the Assessment for each of your learners.

Level of teacher facilitation: Low - Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science Grade 6 Term 2: Mixtures and water resources – Water Pollution and the importance of wetlands

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