Plastic Changemakers – Module 1: Plastic, the story so far

Activity Introduction

Using the three lessons making up this module, explore why Plastic was created, its benefits and how its overproduction is causing an environmental crisis.

Grade: 1-7

Resources Required: Internet access and a screen to show the 'Action' Episode and downloaded Module resources (including Lesson Plans, Printed Worksheets for each learner, Powerpoint slides (if using) and Module video)

Key Concepts & Skills: Understand the benefits of plastic and why it was made/used & evaluate its usefulness, Analyze the path of plastic from human use to the ocean/environment, Evaluate the impact of plastic on humans, animals and the environment.

Extra Notes: Make sure to watch the 'Action' episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir first before beginning the module.

Duration: 3 x 50 minute lessons

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Life Skills, Natural Science & Technology, Social Sciences (Geography)

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