Plastic Changemakers – Module 3: Innovation and Creativity

Activity Introduction

In this module, learners will work together using STEAM Methodology to create & develop innovative Plastic solutions.

Grade: 1-7

Resources Required: Lesson Plans, Printed Worksheets for each learner, Powerpoint slides (if using), Module Video and screen for display

Key Concepts & Skills: • Evaluate other learners’ innovations that have attempted to solve the problems of plastic • Using STEAM methodologies, formulate a solution to an aspect of the plastic problem that could minimize or solve it

Extra Notes: Make sure to watch the 'Action' episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir first before beginning the module (link to stream the episode below)

Duration: 2 X 50 minute lessons

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate - High

Curriculum links: Life Skills - Creative Arts, Natural Science & Technology

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