Sea Level Rise Experiment – Grade 6-10

Activity Introduction

In this experiment, learners investigate ice melting rates and discuss how melting ice across the planet contributes to sea-level rise.

Grade: 6-10

Resources Required: 2 identical, clear plastic containers (Use recyclables if possible) Clay, play dough or small rocks (enough to create a 5 - 7 cm high surface that fills about a quarter of each container), Tray of ice cubes, Ruler, Coldwater, Paper, Marker, Learner Worksheets

Key Concepts & Skills: Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Curiosity, Planning, Perseverance, Innovation, Adaptability

Duration: 1 hour

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate - High

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology (Gr 8, 9), Geography (Gr 6, 10)

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