Sustainability Coding Course in collaboration with Code4kids

Activity Introduction

Discover the power of real-world programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in this collaborative course, where you’ll learn to create games that bring the concept of sustainability to life. Engage with coding in a meaningful way, building games that not only entertain but also educate on sustainable practices. We have teamed up with Code4kids to offer a FREE coding course exploring the benefits of eco-friendly gardens and being waterwise. Integrate these two lessons into your computer classes and see the magic unfold!

Grade: 5-8

Resources Required: Devices with internet-access, preferably PC's or tablets

Extra Notes: You will need computers or tablets that learners can use or share as well as a stable internet connection. Sign up on the Code4kids website here: and get started!

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate - High

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology, Life Skills

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