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Enviro Vito NPO

Enviro Vito NPO was established in March 2019 by the youth in the village of Ga-Madiba, Mokopane in Limpopo by dynamic team of passionate young people from around the area.
  • Enviro Vito’s vision is to see its target area with a well-protected environment inhabited by
    dignified people having sustainable livelihoods. The mission of this organisation is designing
    and implementing life changing development programmes and livelihood schemes that
    alleviate environmental degradation, climate change risks and deepening poverty in
    collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure holistic sustainable development.

    The objectives of Enviro Vito are as follows:

    1. Designing and implementing appropriate strategies and program activities addressing
      climate change mitigation and adaptation
    2. Promoting environmentally sustainable, modern, and highly productive agricultural activities
    3. Undertaking natural resource conservation and rehabilitation activities.
    4. Waste management
    5. Awareness campaigns and promotion of environmental education in rural communities

    Organizational Experience
    1. Implementation of community clean-up programmes
    2. River rehabilitation Programme at Ga-Madiba village
    3. Participating the Adopt-a-River program
    4. School environmental awareness ( Foundation Phase)
    5. Community Radio Environmental Education Programme (2020-2021)
    6. Community enviro youth groups

    Sustainable Schools
    For the sustainable school program we wish to collaborate with Implementing organizations
    or the school and assist with implementation of their sustainable projects, through resources
    mobilization and getting young people within the community to participate.

    Contact Details

    Tshepo Tau 072 871 4461

    Focus Areas