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Groundwater Kids

The organizations core focus is the implementation of water and environmental education projects designed to sensitize and empower all communities to the role, function and value of groundwater and environment as part of the overall water cycle.
  • The program consists of a series of 1 – 2- hour groundwater educational workshops held at schools throughout Gauteng Province. Each workshop comprises a short educational video clip on selected groundwater topic, followed by an activity that involves the topic of the day, and distribution of groundwater awareness material. Lessons are prepared based on the age group and the level of comprehension of the learners. Learners get the opportunity to engage in activities designed to make learning about groundwater more exciting. Hosting water and environmental awareness programs at schools is a great way to learn about water and environmental issues that directly affect our community. It is an excellent way to educate students, teachers and families about the environmental impact of their school and provide them with tools needed to conserve and preserve water both at school and at home.

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