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Guardians of the Deep

Guardians of the Deep teaches Marine Science and Nature Conservation through our own 9-year curriculum which offers courses for each age group. These groups include Blues (Grades 1-3 and named after juvenile African penguins), SeaStars (Grades 4 and 5), Raggies (Grades 6 and 7) and Orcas (Grades 8 and 9).
  • There is an awesome, vastly undiscovered, world beneath the waves and this ocean realm plays an important role in the health of the global environment. Turning the tide on dangerously outdated perceptions is key in the future survival of life on earth. Being a Guardian of the Deep is more than just a title, by realising the power that our everyday choices wield; we can go on to inspire others to make good decisions for the ocean and the environment as a whole. Guardians is linking up with local initiatives to show the kids that it isn’t all doom and gloom and that positive change is possible, by working together we can achieve great things! During their time with the programme, students will start to discover the many wonders of the ocean and how the four Guardian pillars of conservation, awareness, research and education work together to C.A.R.E. for and protect this vital life-source.

    Topics covered range from learning more about the scientific method by carrying out your own rocky shore experiment to exploring the depths of the ocean by studying the different ocean zones. From how to successfully coexist with the ocean and its creatures, by discovering and visiting cool local organisations such as the Shark Spotters, to designing your own super marine animal while learning about the awesome creatures that make this watery world their own. From learning about some of the very cool research being carried out in South African waters to uncovering and galvanising the power of our everyday choices. All content introduces students to the ocean environment through field trips and activities, while focusing on maths and literacy skills.

    Blending science, art and storytelling, the students are empowered to explore the ocean from its multi-coloured rock pools to its darkest depths while learning about the lives of the uniquely awesome creatures making it their home. Through this exploration and discovery, students realise the importance of the environment and how our choices are key in bringing about the change much-needed to conserve the natural world.

    Each term includes field trips that link to the topic being studied. These vary from beach clean-ups and art sessions to aquarium visits and rocky shore exploration. When available we also invite guest speakers to chat to the kids about their initiatives, to show that anyone is able to make a difference and to expose them to the great groundswell of positive change that is currently moving through society and shifting perceptions. We are even able to link up with, and chat to (via Skype), researchers, conservationists and filmmakers from across the world.

    Guardians of the Deep also offers 3- and 5-day Holiday Programmes (Chacma Champions and Krakens) and the 10-day Innovation Term Programme. We are able to tailor course content to match current curriculums and, with our background, we can also include terrestrial material. Freestanding lessons and/or field trips can also be arranged. Topics can be chosen from the curriculum of the Environmental Programme or lessons can be built around a specific subject that the teacher would like covered.

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