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I AM WATER: Ocean Conservation

Ocean Conservation through transformative experiences for youth in under-resourced communities.
  • I AM WATER believes in the ethos: you protect what you love, and we are on a mission to facilitate ocean connection through transformative ocean experiences for youth from low-income communities. By fostering a community of conservationists in low-income communities, I AM WATER hopes to create a movement of “blue-minds” who will champion and protect the ocean for generations to come. I AM WATER has four different CAPs Curriculum aligned programmes:

    Ocean Guardians Workshops – Our flagship programme consisting of two full school days of ocean explorations spent at the beach practicing yoga-inspired stretching & mindful breathwork, learning about marine ecosystems, the gifts the ocean gives us, and challenges the ocean faces along with an immersive snorkel experience that acts as a tool for ocean connection.

    River Guardians Workshops- 1-day river exploration that highlights the connection between river health, ocean health and human health. The workshops use environmental education as a tool to discuss topics like the water cycle, river health, conservation challenges and empowering solutions to the challenges presented. 

    School Speaking Series- I AM WATER’s School Speaking Series involves representatives from our Coaching Community visiting schools within the communities that we work in and delivering informative, fun and engaging presentations. The presentation is focused on how humans are connected to the ocean, the gifts the ocean gives us, the challenges the ocean faces, and ways for everyone to be a part of the solutions to these challenges.

    Inclusive Ocean Experiences- An adapted 2-day immersive ocean experience specifically designed for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

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