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Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Centre (SOSFSEC)

The Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Centre is based in Kalkbay. The mission of the SEC is To connect the public to the ocean through experiential education programmes focused on sharks and local marine ecosystems; in order to nurture awareness, encourage environmentally responsible actions and develop a healthy respect for sharks
  • The facilities at the centre offer an engaging marine classroom including a small aquarium, a touch pool, a shark exhibition and space for interactive learning. On our doorstep is the Dale Brook beach at which visiting groups can have an immersive experience exploring the rocky shore. While schools are encouraged to visit the centre, the team of educators are also available to visit schools and facilitate ocean education lessons on the school premises. We have a longer term program, Marine Explorers, in which highschoolers learn to snorkel, the aim of which is to cultivate a love for marine life. We are engaged in a number of other programs which aim to facilitate dialogue towards critical and locally articulated problem analysis and develop unique and locally appropriate community responses to our global ocean challenges

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