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Spes Bona High

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  • Spes Bona High School is a school which aims to provide a broad and balanced education which will produce young adults who have skills and confidence to meet the challenges of life in the South African society. Our aim is to promote sensitivity towards the needs of our communities and a commitment to serve and improve the greater society. Above all, we aim to develop and arm young people with self-discipline, independent thinking and a sound set of values , so that they will be able to realise their own potential. In this way the learners of Spes Bona High School will be able to enrich other in their future working and social environment. 

    At Spes Bona we consider every child as an individual with unique skills , talents and abilities. These unique attributes are encouraged and supported by the school, as it creates the diverse and vibrant school.  We aim to make the school a safe place to protect our learners and teachers in a wonderful place of learning.

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    Janap Arendse 021 697 1100

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