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School Name
  Mushi Primary
Rationale / Mission
  We aim to achieve these by:
* Placing learning and teaching first in everything we do.
*Giving our educators development opportunities.
* Preparing our learners to become responsible citizens.
* Developing our school premises
  We the community of Mushi Primary are conscious of our past historical disadvantages and committed to the eradication of the imbalances in our education system hereby commit ourselves to the following value: Mutual respect.
Existing School Focus Areas

  • Health & Well-being

Establish An Adult Action Team & A Learner Action Team / Eco-club

  • We have an Adult Action team
  • We have a Learner Action team / Eco-club

Action Team Member List

Name of staff/parent/community member Grade/role/task assigned
Educator coordinator Grade 7

Year One Focus Area

Focus Area Details
Health & Well-being
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Target 1
Ensure that healthy living habits is maintained by encouraging eating vegetables, therefore vegetables garden must be there.
Target 1: Goals
Goal Identified Action Identified Location/Area within School Implementation steps Resources needed Who is responsible? Deadline
Gardening Vegetable garden Within the school Soil cultivation, preparing the beds/plots watering, and planting Digging fork, spade, rake hosepipe, sprinklers, seeds and or seedlings Educator coordinator February -November 2023
Potential Partners
Name of partner Type of Partner
Lapalala wilderness School Nongovernmental organisation
Target 2 (Optional)
Target 2: Goals
Potential Partners
Target 3 (Optional)
Target 3: Goals
Potential Partners

Year Two Focus Area

Year Three Focus Area