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School Name
  Reabilwe Primary
Rationale / Mission
  We envision our school looking like greenery by doing planting more trees and lawn
  We want to be more sustainable because we want our learners to know how to take care of our environment
  Our school current initiative are planting more trees ,gardening and recycling
Existing School Focus Areas

  • Production, Consumption & Waste

Year One Focus Area

Year Two Focus Area

Year Three Focus Area

Focus Area Details
Community & Social Responsibility
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Target 1
Increasing indigenous local plant and school garden
Target 1: Goals
Goal Identified Action Identified Location/Area within School Implementation steps Resources needed Who is responsible? Deadline
Recycling and gardening Recycling Waste products and sell the plants from the garden to community Within school Buys local trees,buy the seeds for the garden and group the waste materials Gardening tools,seedlings,buying young local plants Sustainable committees and CPWP November 2023
Potential Partners
Target 2 (Optional)
Target 2: Goals
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Target 3 (Optional)
Target 3: Goals
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