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School Name
  kgatelopele primary school
Rationale / Mission
  we envsion our school looking cleaner and wish to teach the learners various recycling methods ensuring that this is an everyday practice within their classrooms and school grounds
  The vision is to see a clean school and community that surrounds kgatelopele primary through integrated ways of recycling
  planted ingenious trees in previous arbor days and developed a vegetable garden which includes a fruit orchard
Existing School Focus Areas

  • Biodiversity Network

Establish An Adult Action Team & A Learner Action Team / Eco-club

  • We have an Adult Action team
  • We have a Learner Action team / Eco-club

Action Team Member List

Name of staff/parent/community member Grade/role/task assigned
sabelo Ncube teacher chairperson
morudu matume teacher secretory
malabana olerato learner coordinator
huma lehlogonolo learner chariperson
betha olitilwe learner secretory

Year One Focus Area

Focus Area Details
Production, Consumption & Waste
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Target 1
collect recyclables and sell and the funds will be used by the school for other projects, recycle as much material and find new uses for them instead of burning
Target 1: Goals
Goal Identified Action Identified Location/Area within School Implementation steps Resources needed Who is responsible? Deadline
recycle and build a fund for other proects collecting waste materials which safe for learners to collec around the school and community collecting and delivery to recycling depo learners involvment, collection company,seperating bins chair person mr ncube quartely
Potential Partners
Name of partner Type of Partner
sanbi environmental
Recycling collection company
Target 2 (Optional)
Target 2: Goals
Potential Partners
Target 3 (Optional)
Target 3: Goals
Potential Partners

Year Two Focus Area

Year Three Focus Area