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School Name
  Kgatabela Primary School
Rationale / Mission
  We envision our school being environmentally friendly.
  We want to be a more sustainable school because it will help to create children who care about the environment and who are aware of the need for sustainability.
  We currently have a large vegetable garden, and we are finding new ways to save water
Existing School Focus Areas

  • Production, Consumption & Waste
  • Health & Well-being
  • Water & Sanitation

Establish An Adult Action Team & A Learner Action Team / Eco-club

  • We have an Adult Action team

Action Team Member List

Name of staff/parent/community member Grade/role/task assigned
To take care of the vegetable garden

Year One Focus Area

Focus Area Details
Water & Sanitation
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Target 1
To divert water wated on the ground by learners to our vegetable garden.
Target 1: Goals
Goal Identified Action Identified Location/Area within School Implementation steps Resources needed Who is responsible? Deadline
Re-use water in the vegetable garden. Build a small pond that the water can be stored in. Tap right next to the vegetable garden Involve the SGB. Material to build the pond. Mr Kwetsi. 30th of October.
Potential Partners
Name of partner Type of Partner
K.A Letsoalo
Target 2 (Optional)
Target 2: Goals
Potential Partners
Target 3 (Optional)
Target 3: Goals
Potential Partners

Year Two Focus Area

Year Three Focus Area