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School Name
  Gojela high school
Rationale / Mission
  Our Mission is to motivate our learners for a rapidly changing world by installing in them critical thinking skills and contribution towards our environment.Our aim is to provide success for today and prepare them for future
  Our Vision is to encouraging learners and staff about stainable habits, Raising Eco-friendly consumers and contribution to green environmental school.This is by recycling, planting trees and supporting sustainable businesses
  Our initiatives are to Plant more vegetables/trees, promote anti-littering,raise awareness among culprits and hiring more workers/volunteers to help with cleaning the school and gardening, recycling and consumption.
Existing School Focus Areas

  • Production, Consumption & Waste

Establish An Adult Action Team & A Learner Action Team / Eco-club

  • We have an Adult Action team
  • We have a Learner Action team / Eco-club

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Action Team Member List

Name of staff/parent/community member Grade/role/task assigned
Makhado RM (Principal), Mogano MO (Educator), Ramusi NF (SGB), Nailana LS(Educational Assistance), Choshi LK (Educational Assistance) Molekoa Mohau, Boloka Shibe, Thobane Thabiso, Moabelo Thato, Ngwasheng Fati, Raphiri Tshiamo. Pheme Vusimusi, Malapile Motlalepula, Tlako Malebo,

Year One Focus Area

Focus Area Details
Production, Consumption & Waste
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Target 1
Planting plants and selling them to the consumer
Target 1: Goals
Goal Identified Action Identified Location/Area within School Implementation steps Resources needed Who is responsible? Deadline
Planting vegetables Learners and educators planted vegetable seeds and they have already started to grow Mahwelereng block A We. Stared by preparing the soil to make it ready for planting then started planting and watering plans on a daily basis until the final product. Vegetables net, Seed, handcloves, spread,water pipes Gojela high school November 28
Potential Partners
Name of partner Type of Partner
Lapalala Wilderness School School
Target 2 (Optional)
Target 2: Goals
Potential Partners
Target 3 (Optional)
Target 3: Goals
Potential Partners

Year Two Focus Area

Year Three Focus Area