Engaging Teachers in Health and Well-being: A Successful Workshop

A workshop for teachers focused on Health and Well-being was held on 22 May 2023 at Constantia (Soil for Life). The workshop aimed to engage the teachers and involve them in interactive activities related to the focus area. The event began with an informative presentation on an overview of Health and Well-being, followed by a presentation by Mr Makholwa (DoE representative) on the importance of health and well-being, and how school or community food gardens can be established as a learning tool for students.

After a short break, the teachers participated in a mental wellbeing audit of their school/classroom, which encouraged discussion about the challenges they face and the need for more supportive programs. Later, the teachers visited the garden on the premises and worked in groups to create recipes using the ingredients growing in the garden. One group even created a three-course meal.

The workshop continued with support for the teachers’ SEMP planning, and they were treated to a delicious vegetarian meal. Overall, the program was a success and received positive feedback from the participating teachers, with one saying “I am excited to start a community food garden at our school as this can be linked to all areas in the curriculum and event the learners’ personal life.”

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