Composting is Fun – Grade 3-7

Activity Introduction

In this experiment, learners learn how to make their own compost in a plastic bottle and then observe the decomposition process in action.

Grade: 3-7

Resources Required: • 2 litre plastic bottle (1 per pair) • Plate/tray – to be placed under bottle for drainage (1 per pair) • Push pins • Organic debris e.g. fallen leaves, grass clippings, and soil • Fork/spoon/stick (needed to mix compost) • Fruit and vegetable peels, cores, and scraps from the kitchen • Old newspaper • Scissors/knife • Spray bottle – to dampen the system • Masking tape • Optional: Old rag/dishcloth (1 per pair)

Key Concepts & Skills: Teamwork, communicating, initiative, analysis

Extra Notes: Note that it will take about 12 – 14 weeks for the material to break down into compost.

Duration: 1 hour

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology, Life Skills

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