Composting is Fun – Grade 3-7

Activity Introduction

In this experiment, learners learn how to make their own compost in a plastic bottle and then observe the decomposition process in action.

Grade: 3-7

Resources Required: • 2 litre plastic bottle (1 per pair) • Plate/tray – to be placed under bottle for drainage (1 per pair) • Push pins • Organic debris e.g. fallen leaves, grass clippings, and soil • Fork/spoon/stick (needed to mix compost) • Fruit and vegetable peels, cores, and scraps from the kitchen • Old newspaper • Scissors/knife • Spray bottle – to dampen the system • Masking tape • Optional: Old rag/dishcloth (1 per pair)

Key Concepts & Skills: Teamwork, communicating, initiative, analysis

Extra Notes: Note that it will take about 12 – 14 weeks for the material to break down into compost.

Duration: 1 hour

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology, Life Skills

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Reflect on Lesson


  1. We have our own compost heap and composter at the school which we fill with various organic materials from the school garden as well as food scraps (banana peels, cores etc) from the 2l tubs from the classrooms as well as food scraps from the tuckshop. Thanks for further ideas.