Ecosystem Adaptations – Grade 2-4

Activity Introduction

A fun game where learners take turns to guess the correct ecosystem of different animals – is it water or land? Learners complete a worksheet on a chosen animal afterwards.

Grade: 2-4

Resources Required: Lesson Plan (including Game Cards), Learner Worksheets, Library or Internet access

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology, Life Skills

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Reflect on Lesson


  1. In the first term, Julia Invernizzi from One Planet SA shared a lesson with us on this theme. Our Enviroclub children were fully engaged and had so much fun with the interactive activities while learning. Her theme covered wetlands as well.
    We will definitely use some of the ideas as well as suggestions above

    1. Thanks for the comment, that is great to hear! I like the idea of focusing this activity on a particular ecosystem (e.g. wetland as Julia used) and going more in-depth on the animals found there.