#NOOW African Penguin Campaign Resources

Activity Introduction

The #NotOnOurWatch campaign invites you to raise awareness around African penguin extinction. Without your help African Penguins will be extinct in the wild by 2035, but its not too late! Download these fun resources to introduce your learners to the plight of the African Penguin.

Resources Required: Printed Poster and Colouring Page (downloadable below), Colouring pencils/pens

Level of teacher facilitation: Low

Curriculum links: Life Skills - Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being, Creative Arts, Natural Science & Technology

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Reflect on Lesson


  1. A worthwhile topic to cover. Our Grade 1 learners viewed a powerpoint on Penguins and looked at our local African Penguin (Jackass) and did some Art and activities to celebrate penguins.