Wind Power Challenge – Grade 8-10

Activity Introduction

Learners will create a wind turbine in the classroom and compete to see whose turbine can lift the heaviest weight.

Grade: 8-10

Resources Required: A variety of recyclables and household items (including plastic bottles, toilet rolls, bottle caps, cardboard pieces etc), a few marbles (these will be used as weights), a paper cup (this will act as a bucket to hold the weights), scissors, glue and glue guns (any strong glue would work well to hold the recyclables together).

Key Concepts & Skills: Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, wind power

Duration: Initial setup and planning: 1 hour, building, experimentation and write up: 1.5 - 2 hours. The activity will need to be completed over two days (see Activity Plan for more details).

Level of teacher facilitation: Moderate

Curriculum links: Natural Science & Technology, Social Science (Geography)

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Reflect on Lesson


  1. Great ideas. The Grade 7’s were challenged to make a Wind Turbine in NS to lift a ‘bucket’ using wind energy.. They had to use repurposed material to construct their turbine.