We hosted the Eco-Schools Platinum workshop on the Saturday, 27 May at the Biodiversity Showcase Garden EE Centre in Greenpoint. The platinum workshop theme was linked to the United Nations special theme which is “Eco-tourism”. Eco-schools who have been part of the programme for more than six years will be linking their current environmental action projects with this year’s special theme. This was a very productive day as we discussed various action projects and lessons linked to eco-tourism and ways in which we could implement these ideas at the schools.

Springdale Primary, Floreat Primary, Kannemeyer Primary, St Mary’s RC Primary, Stephen Road Primary, Harmony Primary, Rocklands Primary and Levana Primary school eco-teachers attended the workshop. Guest speaker, Yolokazie Galada who works for the City of Cape Town, Recreation and Parks presented the Blue Flag programme and ways in which the teachers could use the programme for educational purposes and awareness at the school – linking the programme to eco-tourism opportunities.

Guest Speaker, Velile Maxwell Dingaan who works for City of Cape Town EMD presented an talk about the Biodiversity Urban Garden and guided the teachers on an educational tour showcasing the diversity of our ecosystems. The teachers were also very excited to be given Wonderbags for their personal sustainable use at home.

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