This year a new group of learners will be joining the CTEET family as part of the third Conservation Leadership intake. A selection camp was held in March, involving 64 learners from 10 local schools. From these children the most dedicated and interested learners will continue on to make up the 2017 CLP group. Over the next seven years of their school career they will then be involved in hikes, camps, visits to nature reserves and mentored. We hope to grow their love and passion for nature through this process and expose them to different aspects of nature conservation. There is also an opportunity for the older members of the programme to work with and mentor these new leaners, sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Everyone involved in the March camp had a fantastic time, and the learners made the most of the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from various backgrounds. The teachers were very impressed with how quickly the learners got along and how they worked well in groups even through they were from different schools.

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