Oceanic Insights: A Recap of the I AM WATER Workshop Experience

On November 6th and 7th, our Sustainable Schools team had the unique opportunity to participate in a two-day ocean adventure with our partners, I AM WATER. The Ocean Guardians workshop not only served as an immersive experience for our team, other organisations, and teachers but also provided a firsthand encounter with the transformative program offered by I AM WATER. Beyond its educational value, the workshop facilitated meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, transforming it into an unforgettable networking experience.

The first day unfolded at St James Tidal Pool, commencing with invigorating yoga and mindful breathing exercises that set the tone for a holistic exploration of the underwater world. Participants were introduced to the basics of snorkeling, ensuring everyone felt comfortable in the water. The experience of delving into the tidal pool and kelp forest left a lasting impression, fostering a newfound appreciation for the intricate details of marine life.

Day two unfolded at Windmill Beach, promising even more excitement. The morning began with yoga and breathing exercises, followed by an extended snorkeling adventure that allowed for a deeper exploration of the ocean’s wonders. The gradual progression from shallows to deeper waters on the second day struck a perfect balance, enabling participants to build confidence and fully embrace the ocean environment. The day concluded with a penguin walk, providing participants with a close encounter with these charismatic creatures.

Networking and Bonds: Beyond the ocean adventures, the workshop served as a platform for networking and forging connections with passionate individuals. The shared commitment to marine conservation and education united everyone, turning the workshop into more than just an educational event; it became a community-building experience.

In conclusion, the I AM WATER Ocean Guardians workshop transcended being merely an educational journey; it was a reconnection with the ocean and a celebration of the awe-inspiring life beneath the waves. The exemplary skills of the I AM WATER coaches were evident, ensuring that everyone, including people not confident with swimming, felt comfortable in the water. Their program is thoughtfully designed, allowing participants and learners of all swimming abilities to attend.

The workshop not only shed light on the crucial work undertaken by our partner, I AM WATER but also left an indelible mark on our team, instilling a renewed commitment to ocean conservation. We highly recommend that all our schools take part in this incredible program.


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