Puppet Lesson Fun

One of the many lessons we run is puppet shows with an environmental education message that helps instils the love for nature and create environmental awareness in the young learners we work with. 

Puppet Shows are a fun and informative way to teach memorable lessons about nature and the environment. The Sustainable School team often put together an educational show to make the lesson plans a bit more more interactive. 

Margie Rosenberg is the kind and sweet lady who helps to bring our educational stories to life by making the puppets and other resources we use for some of our Foundation Phase lessons. 

Margie generously offers her time and resources to make some of the cutest puppets we have ever seen. The learners thoroughly enjoy interacting with these characters! The puppet shows create awareness around various topics and create a space where learners are not only taught about the importance of the environment but also share ways in which they can care for our environment.   

A big thank you to Margie for playing a big part in making our lessons come to life! We love it when the community gets involved and see the value in what we do! 

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