Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Three-Year Journey of Nature, Education, and Transformation with Table Mountain Fund

The recent Table Mountain Fund (TMF) event was a inspirational celebration, marking the culmination of three impactful years of funding for various projects under their Pride Programme, of which the Sustainable Schools Programme is a beneficiary. The gathering brought together passionate members of the Sustainable Schools team and featured the presence of Conservation Leaders and educators from Pinelands High, Westville Primary, Mondeor Eco-school, and St Mary’s RC Primary School.

The event showcased the tangible impact of three years of dedicated funding provided by TMF, as expressed by Conservation Leader Hannah Moses. In reflecting on her journey, Hannah shared a powerful perspective, stating, “I started this programme as an innocent young girl with a strong passion for nature. As I am nearing the last years of high school, I look at how Nature Connect has truly opened my eyes to the wonderful opportunities of the world that allow me to fully show both my love for nature and the side of me that loves to bring awareness to important issues with the environment of both our community and much further.”

The transformative influence of TMF funding was evident in the heartfelt stories shared by Conservation Leaders like Hannah. Janice Hesqua from Westville Primary and Mr Colana from Silukhanyo Primary also took the opportunity to express their gratitude and acknowledge the transformative role of the funding in their respective schools. The event was not only a celebration of achievements but also a reunion with three organisations that had received funding from TMF. The partnerships forged during Nature Connect’s TMF-funded Small Grants Facility from 2018–2020 have now flourished into collaborations that extend support to even more schools and learners within the Sustainable Schools Programme. The  impact of these initiatives resonates in the words of Hannah, who concluded, “I am also grateful for Nature Connect and firmly believe I would not be here today, so sure of the direction I want to take in life if it was not for this programme. It taught me not only to be a leader, but the important skills that come with the position. It gave me a bunch of crazy people who I love so much who truly understand that life is in nature, and without it, we cannot really live.”


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