Celebrating Partnerships and Connections at the first WCEEF Conference

On the 15th and 16th of August, 8 representatives from the Nature Connect team had the privilege of attending the first ever WCEEF (Western Cape Environmental Education Forum) Conference. 

The conference was significant in many ways, not least because it was a chance to formally acknowledge and celebrate all the amazing achievements of the WCEEF as a whole as well as the organisations that make up the forum.

It was an extremely insightful and memorable time “out of office” and we came away with a renewed sense of faith in humanity and re-ignited passion for the work we do. 

During the poster presentations segment, our Sustainable Schools Programme manager Jocelyn Anderson had a chance to talk delegates through the Sustainable Schools Programme including how we benefit from partnering with many of the organisations that were present at the conference. 

The importance of partnerships was highlighted during the two days spent gathered at the Two Oceans Aquaurium’s beautiful conference venue and we made many great connections we hope will continue to grow from strength to strength in coming weeks and months. 

A huge thank you to Chris and the Cape Leopard Trust team for organising the event as well as the powerhouses behind the WCEEF and our wonderful Aquarium hosts – we can’t wait for the next one!

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