Sustainable Schools and Rand Water’s Water Wise Team Make a Splash During World Water Week 2023

We recently had a fantastic time celebrating World Water Week on August 23rd and 24th, 2023! Our commitment to promoting sustainable living received a boost as we collaborated with Rand Water’s Water Wise experts for an enlightening in-school session.

Zamani, Ntokozweni, Dalpark, and Selcourt Primary Schools became hubs of knowledge as students delved into the realm of water conservation alongside Themba Nkuna, Faith Chauke, and Sizwe Mndawe from Rand Water’s Water Wise team. Together, we delved into the significance of water, imbibed the value of each droplet, and explored innovative methods to preserve this invaluable resource.

Witnessing the enthusiasm of young minds dedicated to making a positive impact warms our hearts. These budding water enthusiasts now possess the tools to safeguard our planet’s most critical treasure. Let’s sustain this momentum, ensuring a future where the flow of water remains abundant for generations.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Rand Water’s Water Wise Team for their unwavering dedication and fervour in guiding our students towards a water-wise world! Remember, even the smallest actions matter. Let’s persevere on our path towards a sustainable future, one drop at a time.

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