We were proud to host a group of children from the Village Heights informal settlement in December. The Village Heights Community Centre brought 41 youth involved with their Eco-Buddies programme for a holiday eco-camp. The aim was to expose the children to the wonders of nature and the uniqueness of the False Bay Nature Reserve, showing them that there is more to life than the negativity they are so often surrounded by. The Lavender Hill/ Village Heights area experiences a large number of veld fires, often caused by the community and a strong focus of the camp was to teach the group about the importance of nature and make them aware of fire safety.

The Eco-Buddies loved their time with us and were sad to leave “a place where they felt safe, had good meals and a comfortable bed to sleep in”. Camps such as these have a huge impact on the lives of the children involved and highlight exactly what the “Changing Lives Through Nature” campaign aims to achieve.

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