Freedom Day Festivities at John Graham Primary: Thando’s Take

Written by Thandokazi Qayi

I was invited by John Graham Primary School to come and give a talk in celebration of Freedom Day, encouraging their learners to recycle, as the school’s main action project is recycling. Since the event was a celebration of Freedom Day, I linked the two topics and gave a talk about what is stated in NEMA Section 24: “Everyone has the right to an environment which is not harmful to their health or well-being.”

I started the day with an icebreaker, asking the learners to repeat after me and do a little dance while saying, “Hello Thando.” After the introduction, I introduced the topic and I asked the learners to first tell me what they know about Freedom Day and what it means.

Many learners had their hands up, but I chose three learners who gave me beautiful answers.  The one that really stood out for me was one of a learners that said “Freedom day to her means equality, seeing everyone and treating everyone the same”

Of course, I ensured that they got a round of applause – in the typical Thando way 😊.

My talk covered the right to a healthy and clean environment and the responsibilities that we, including the learners, have in making sure that the environment is kept clean. I also spoke about recycling as one of the ways that the learners can ensure that they look after the environment, including the importance of reusing. I also touched on the impact of littering and not safely disposing of our waste.

Lastly, I mentioned the eco-club and the work they do at the school to keep the environment healthy and clean. To close off the event, the eco-club learners and teachers proudly showcased the flag which they have made in celebration of this important day. This remarkable flag is made entirely out of recycled bottle tops, check it out below!


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