International Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day (previously known as Earth Day) is on 22 April 2018 and is celebrated to promote harmony with nature in order for the earth to have social, economic and environmental balance for the needs of this current and future generations. The main theme for this day in 2018 is “End Plastic Pollution”, with a large emphasis on changing human behavior and attitude about plastics and try to reduce plastic pollution. On this day, people in communities care for their environment by collecting litter, cleaning up their beaches, streams, wetlands and streets, and signing environmental protection petitions. These actions help to keep the planet and its ecosystems clean and healthy for all living and non-living organisms. For more information on International Mother Earth Day, visit

Plastic pollution facts:
• At least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year
• 60-90 % of marine litter is plastic-based
• Cigarette butts, plastic bags, fishing gear and food beverages and containers are the most common forms of plastic to be found in the oceans (source:

Teaching children and local communities to reduce the amount of plastic pollution they produce is a step closer to living in a clean and healthy environment. Learning to reduce the amount of plastic and learning about recycling is important for the planet and its ecosystems. This in turn provides a clean environment for the children to grow and learn in. With the educational programmes we provide at CTEET, we are nurturing the environmental champions of tomorrow and equipping them to stand up and care for nature. We also provide children with the opportunity to take part in action days such as clean ups, allowing them the chance to play a role in environmental protect. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming clean ups!

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