On 21 September 2017, the participants of the learnership (NQF level 2) went on an excursion to the Invasive Species Unit at Westlake Conservation Centre.

Sisanda Nuse from the CoCT, Invasive Species unit presented on alien invasive species and the purpose of the bio-control facility. Invasive Species staff took the learners to see the bio-control area at where they were introduced to some of the bio-control agents collected and bred at this facility. The learners spent some time at the propagation section with Ntombikazi Rwayi where they were taught how to prepare soil for the seedlings and do plant cuttings. The learners were amazed at the work done at this facility and the significance of bio-control within our Eco-systems. Agnes really surprised the learners with all her knowledge about plants and her passion for what she does truly shows in her work.

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