World Environmental Education Day 2019

Every year, 26 January, marks the biggest global celebration of environmental education. This day is set aside to highlight the importance of environmental education actions all over the world.

Cape Town is referred to as one of the most biodiverse cities in the world, with over 70% of the flora being endemic to South Africa. Like many other cities, Cape Town is experiencing rapid urban migration with resultant high levels of poverty and unemployment. We at CTEET believe that individuals will not work to protect something if they do not feel connected to it nor understand it. For this reason, we have made it our mission to reconnect the youth of Cape Town to nature and introduce them to its unique biodiversity.

Each year we work with over 5000 children and youth on overnight camps, school-based day programmes and field trips: rebuilding a connection to nature!

This is what our educators have to say about environmental education and their roles in Changing Lives Through Nature:

“You don’t have to be an educator to educate people, education starts from the youngest child to the elderly. Let us educate one another so that we can preserve and keep our natural environment for our future generations. Nature inspires me.”

“Environmental education is not only about educating children about nature. It is about changing a mind-set which leads to changing a life. I dedicate my life to inspiring children through nature.”

“Nature is a tool that changes the mind-set and influences positive change in people. Let us give people the opportunity to experience nature for themselves and create a personal connection nature, and after that, loving and protecting it will come easily.”

“Nature is part of our lives and we are part of nature. Being a voice and caretaker of nature we experience a different outlook on life. We all play an important role in conserving nature, so let us take care of nature together.”

Written by Wanda Tshangela

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