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Buddy and Passive are no strangers to our Sustainable School learners. And after a long day educating learners about the vital role that snakes play in our environment, these two definitely need a proper rest. One of our favourite lessons to run at schools focuses on snakes and increasing learners’ awareness about different reptiles. These lessons help enhance the educational experience and aid in overcoming their fears.

Some of the feedback received from Teachers include “One of the main highlights was learning about the snake because many of the learners have ever interacted with a snake before” – Chrysalis Academy

“The awareness aspect of the program benefited learners in all grades. The grade 7’s just completed a comprehension on snake facts and the lesson tied in well with their class work” – Westville PS

While we do understand that snakes might not be everyone’s favourite animal, we hope to teach learners to simply respect them and understand their importance in the ecosystem.

Most recently we had new enclosures made for our two favourite reptiles. ED’s Reptile Morphs custom-made these beautiful snake-enclosures for us. Ed and his team were so impressed with the work that we do in schools and how we use the snakes for environmental education, that they decided to donate two large rock hides and two large rock water bowls for our snakes.

To Ed and his team, a big shout out for this generous donation making Passive and Buddy’s rest place a little bit more homier.

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