Winter 2018 Holiday Programme


The programme will inlcude the following activities (weather dependent):

Day 1: Waste Warrior
– Waste Warrior story
– Waste Relay: the groups will need to sort waste items into the different categories.
– Obstacle Course: the groups will need to collect waste items while going through the obstacle course.
– Free Play

Day 2: Water Warrior
– Wendy and Wally
– Dragon Boating
– Building a Wetland Model
– Water Bingo
– Free Play

Day 3: Fynbos Warrior
– Discovery Walk to Rondevlei: includes learning about medicinal use of fynbos plants.
– Nature Craft: Using natural items to create a piece of art.
– FUNbos Games: Bullrush Race, Tumbleweed Turn, Restio Jump
– Free Play

Day 4: Animal Warriors
– Discovery Room: the group will learn about all the animals in the media centre.
– Animal Detectives: the group will go in search of animal tracks and signs.
– Animalympics: Hippo Push, Flamingo Dance, Chameleon Spit, Porcupine Walk, Crab Walk.
– Animal Charades and Animal Matching Game.
– Free Play

Day 5: Amazing Race
– Each group will need to navigate from one point to another using clues and completing activities at each station.
– Free Play

Day 6: Toad-al Amphibians
– Western Leopard Toad Storyboard
– Western Leopard Toad Game
– Amphibian Talk
– Scavenger Hunt

Day 7: Feathered Friends
– Walk to Rondevlei
– What makes a bird a bird
– Bird Watching
– Craft: make your own bird
– Matching game: match bird feet to bird beaks.
– Free Play

Day 8: Alien Invaders
– Walk to Billy’s Block (section of the reserve)
– Learn about Alien Invasive Plants
– Removal of Alien Invasive Plants
– Free Play

Day 9: Survival Warrior Part 1
– Tips on how to survive
– Making your own stretcher
– Making your own shelter
– Using nature for food and medicine
– Lifeboat game
– Free Play

Day 10: Survival Warrior Part 2
– Treasure hunt to find potjiekos ingredients
– Making a potjiekos
– Free Play



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